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New Services For Photographers Added!

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Services For Professionals

Schedule Of Camera Services

Lens Calibration

AF Micro-adjustment Calibration

(Please allow approximately 45 minutes per lens)

$50 per lens (single body)


$150 for up to five lenses on a single body


Custom Camera Color Profiles

(Creating custom color profiles for your camera is time consuming. Please allow a half day.)

Daylight - $50

Studio lighting - $50

Cloudy - $50

Shade - $50

Save! Get all four - $150


Lens Cleaning

Professionally clean all external optical surfaces, all mounting surfaces, all data contact surfaces and external lens barrel.



Camera Body Cleaning

Professionally clean all external surfaces, reflex mirror, focusing screen, hot shoe, mounting surfaces, data contacts, eyepiece and controls.



Sensor Cleaning

Professionally clean any DSLR sensor (wet & dry processes)


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