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All Newly Acquired Lenses Should be Tested Before You Decide To Keep Them!



When purchasing a new lens, you should always have the lens tested before you decide to keep it; even if the lens is brand new.


Unfortunately, despite best efforts by manufacturers to make every lens superb out of the box, many things could go wrong before you receive your lens.


In some cases it is the fault of the manufacturer (poor quality assurance / low standards).


It could be the fault of the delivery guys that carelessly drop or play catch with the box containing your expensive lens.


For existing lenses it could just be general wear and usage. Lenses get tossed in the bag, bumped and dropped.


All of these issues can negatively affect the performance of lenses and create problems like decentering and tilting of the lens elements.


Protect your investment!

Testing is only $35 per lens.

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