Improve Your Photography Skills

Just want to take better family and vacation photos? Our basic skills classes are for you!


Complete Courses For Photographers (Click Here For Courses)

Learn the art, the craft and the business of photography in a working studio!  Want to learn Photoshop, Lightroom or Photoshop Elements? We offer complete course programs in these three most popular editing and post processing applications.!

Release your Creative Spirit!


Whether you simply want to improve your photography skills and learn how your equipment works aspire to become a professional photographer, A-Square School Of Photography has the right courses for you!


There is simply no better environment in which to learn photography! Our courses are taught in an active, working studio. No boring classroom settings where you have to imagine the tools and craft of photography, in our studio you are immersed in the experience!


You will learn from expertly prepared course materials, guided field trips and photo projects. Professional photographers review your photos during each session and show you how you can make them better.


Our Weekend and One-day Workshops offer both in-the-field instruction and beautiful locations to learn photography while capturing exciting images.


Think you can handle a full six-week course in a single day? Our full and half-day Boot Camps are for you!


Exciting Weekend And One-Day Workshops (Click Here For Courses)

Join us for unforgettable weekend workshops in Coastal, Nature and Landscape Photography!

One Day Boot Camps (Click Here For Courses)

Think you can handle a full six-week course in a single day? Our full and half-day boot camps are for you!



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